Forum is arguably one of the most cherished benefits of membership - a truly Only-in-YPO journey. 

Simply put, a forum is a small group of YPO peers who meet regularly to exchange ideas and experiences on the issues that matter most to them. In the more than 40 years since its inception, forum has become the universal language of YPO, leading to immediate and meaningful connections among members worldwide.

Forum also develops members' active listening, coaching, small group leadership and conflict resolution skills. When practiced regularly, these skills enhance members' effectiveness in every aspect of their lives. 

More members participate in forum than in any other YPO activity. Ask any member to describe the influence of forum and they will likely say it has made them better leaders, partners, parents and people. 

Today, forum is an intrinsic part of the YPO experience — and an integral component of events and education programs around the world.

Derek Odoteye YPO Harare Forum Officer

Derek Odoteye

Forum Officer

“I’ve found forum to be a truly life-enriching journey. I am able to freely share my life experiences - good and bad, as they occur, with peers who will, without judgement, really listen to me - not just what I say, but what I feel and who are genuinely interested in me, my well-being and my growth. My forum members are my trusted sounding board, my safe zone and yet I am guaranteed that they will constantly challenge me and test the boundaries of my comfort zone. This deep introspection makes me a better person, a better husband and parent, a better friend and a better leader.”
– Derek Odoteye
YPO Forum

Chapter-Based Forums

Most YPO and YPO Gold forums are small groups consisting of eight to 12 members from the same chapter. These chapter-based forums are also available to spouses and partners, as well as young adult children of members ages 18-32. The YPO chapter forum officer is a new member's primary resource for forum orientation, education and placement. The officer works with chapter forum moderators to assign new members to forums, typically through a first-come, first-served process. 

Spouse/Partner Forums

If a chief executive’s life can sometimes be described as "lonely at the top," the role of the YPO spouse or partner can be just as isolating. Spouse forums offer an antidote to this feeling of isolation, encouraging spouses and partners to leverage the YPO community for their own personal and professional growth and support. Spouse forums are open to the spouses or partners of current YPO members. Working spouses and partners may want to take advantage of forum opportunities that meet the needs of spouses and partners who work outside of the home. They may also want to seek out the Spouse/Partner Professional Business Network

Forums are small groups of members who meet in an atmosphere of confidentiality, respect and trust to learn from one another and exchange ideas. 

YPO originated the concept of Forum and provides the gold-standard experience. Our members can choose to join a chapter, network, or regional forum, whichever best suits their interest. Forums meet once a month and host an annual member retreat. YPO also offers Forums for spouse/partners and young adult children. Our members often cite their Forum experience as one of the most rewarding and valuable within YPO.

YPO Forum App on Google Play and iTunes

The YPO Forum app gives you the power to build custom agendas, in less time. Instantly access valuable meeting planning and management tools, making it quick and easy for you to lead more effective forum meetings and retreats. Extend your impact by selecting from hundreds of YPO Forum icebreakers and exercises to engage and inspire. The app is available YPO members and spouses/partners. 

Exceptional retreat at Victoria Falls, stepping out of our comfort zone, learning a new skill...yet having fun!

- Mohamed Lunat :Forum Moderator, Forum Gold A - YPO Gold Harare

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