Each year, business leaders from around the world gather for the YPO EDGE, the organization’s premier visionary showcase of thought leadership and innovation. For two days, members, their spouses/partners and invited guests from more than 130 countries convene with world-renowned thought leaders to address key issues in business, politics, science, technology, philanthropy and the humanities. The event, hosted on a different continent each year, offers exceptional educational opportunities for attendees while helping the global leaders of today shape the world of tomorrow.

More information to follow on YPO EDGE, March 2020, San Diego, U.S.A.

Join us at the 2020 YPO EDGE in San Diego where 2,500 of your peers from around the world will gather together to reconnect and learn from the most profound minds of our time.

“YPO EDGE (formerly Global EDGE) was a phenomenal experience that challenged my thinking about both business and life. One of my key takeaways resulted in direct changes to our company’s strategy and a significant increase in performance in the following months. As a young YPOer, direct business value is a key driver of my YPO experience.”


Chief Executive of Sirdar Global Group
Johannesburg, South Africa
Member since 2010




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YPO Africa Regional Chairs

As the new YPO fiscal year begins, we wanted to reflect on the year that was and the continued vision for the Africa region in 2018-2019. In 2017 we set ourselves the goal of making YPO strategically relevant across the African continent. For us to achieve this objective, we concluded that we needed 5,000 quality, qualifying YPO and YPO Gold members on the continent, and we gave ourselves a deadline of 2025 to achieve this goal.   Our strategic vision has not changed as we continue to pursue this. To date we have recruited 82 new YPO members, taking the Africa region to just over 800 Y and Y Gold members, the highest membership number ever and the prospect portals are showing some very promising prospects.  We launched the YPO Africa Great Lakes chapter and the YPO Congo chapter, taking us to 22 chapters across the continent with new chapters being planned in West Africa (Ivory Coast and Senegal), Ethiopia, Mozambique, Gauteng and Botswana.

As we look to the year ahead we are extremely excited to reap the ongoing momentum created by the various one-on-one and social media marketing campaigns and to embrace the goals set out at the May 2018 regional board meeting. We are of course thrilled that the Africa region will be given a further boost with the hosting of the YPO Global Leadership Conference and YPO Edge in Cape Town in March 2019. We hope to see our fellow Africa members arrive en masse and share in the African spirit of “Ubuntu”, as we “Lead as One”.

The close of this YPO fiscal year marks the end of Craig Kiggen's tenure as YPO Africa Regional Chair. Ted, our sincere gratitude for your astute leadership and mentoring over the years on the regional board. As you hand the reigns to Dhruv Pandit, YPO Africa Regional Chair Elect, you leave behind a healthy Gold region with a strong foundation of good governance.

To every member and spouse/partner, as we head into the new fiscal year, we thank you for your continued support. We encourage you to embrace all that YPO membership has to offer to ensure your journey is unique and fulfilling.   


Dhruv Pandit - Regional Chair, YPO Africa

Anthony Swart, - Regional Chair, YPO Africa Gold 

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