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Peer-to-peer exchange is the hallmark of YPO.
YPO Connect is the private website for members of YPO, the world's premier network for chief executives. .

The Primary value driver for members is friendships/connections in YPO (the YPO catch phrase for this is “engagement”!)  With relevant information, it makes it easy to connect like-minded members

  1. Profiles on the YPO Exchange, create the backend that fuels the technology to connect members and spouse/partners
  2. Profile information feeds to the new Connect app (downloadable for mobile – search YPO Connect – once installed it shows you who in YPO is logged in, in your location.)
  3. Chapters design better learning programs with greater member relevance and impact.
  4. The organization connects members to relevant content, not ALL content.


YPO Africa: Lead as One - Strategic Relevance

Lead as One is a unique campaign that aims to encourage prospective members to join, and is based on the vision that the realisation of Africa’s true potential lies in uniting leaders across the African continent, to the benefit of all

As the new YPO fiscal year begins, we wanted to reflect on the year that was and the continued vision for the Africa region in 2018-2019. In 2017 we set ourselves the goal of making YPO strategically relevant across the African continent. For us to achieve this objective, we concluded that we needed 5,000 quality, qualifying YPO and YPO Gold members on the continent, and we gave ourselves a deadline of 2025 to achieve this goal. Our strategic vision has not changed as we continue to pursue this. To date we have recruited 82 new YPO members, taking the Africa region to just over 800 Y and Y Gold members, the highest membership number ever and the prospect portals are showing some very promising prospects.  We launched the YPO Africa Great Lakes chapter and the YPO Congo chapter, taking us to 22 chapters across the continent with new chapters being planned in West Africa (Ivory Coast and Senegal), Ethiopia, Mozambique, Gauteng and Botswana.

YPO Members by the Numbers YPO Harare
Ketan Naik YPO Harare Membership Officer

Ketan Naik

Membership Officer

Message from YPO Harare's Membership Officer

Having Joined YPO at the age of 28, in the 2 years I have been a member I have found that being a leader in a business is a challenge for anyone - being a young leader in challenging economic situations requires knowledge and courage.

YPO has equipped me with education, support and in-depth sharing that has allowed my business to not only survive but grow.

I challenge young leaders to consider the possibilities that YPO could bring to their businesses - not just locally but on a regional and international scale.

 - Ketan Naik

YPO Harare Membership Criteria
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Current Membership Criteria Option 2.pdf Current Membership Criteria Option 2.pdf
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Testimonials coming soon


YPO Spouse/Partner Offerings

As a YPO Spouse/Partner, you can benefit from of a wide array of valuable YPO experiences, including networks, forums, events and learning opportunities.
Spouse/Partners can attend events specifically for Family, Member and Spouse,  Spouse/Partners Only at the Chapter, Regional and International level.
This extensive suite of offerings is one of the aspects of YPO that sets this organization apart from any other in the world.
Fuel your personal and professional passions, create new connections and enhance your unique leadership journey by taking advantage of all YPO Harare offers you!

 "Life is not a competition.  Life is about helping and inspiring others so we can reach our potential"  - Kim Chase

 At one time or another, every single person asks themselves, "How can I be happier?"

 For myself, the answer lies in service.  To be of service to others.  To belong to an organization like YPO is a privilege.  And an opportunity.  An opportunity to facilitate learning or growing experiences for others.  An opportunity to highlight that amidst turmoil there is hope.  In amongst chaos there are people that are working and striving for a better time. 

 Zimbabwe is a unique environment, with unique challenges.  My term as Officer will be dedicated to our local people, our local resources, who are making it work.  Education, growth, and a healthy dose of fun is the legacy I wish to leave when my time of service in this role is done. I look forward to working with my team, to offer value, and food for thought, to the partners and spouses of my Chapter.

 Lisa Smyth

YPO Harare and YPO Gold Harare Spouse/Partner Officer 


Lisa Smyth YPO Harare Spouse Partner Officer

Lisa Smyth 

Spouse/Partner  Officer

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